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Issue 3: Private Chef & Outdoor Caterer!!

Private Catering in Edinburgh

Issue 3 Private Chef and Outdoor Caterer!!

We love the snow!! We love winter and being all cosy by the fire, skiing and boarding and general snowy frolicking!! But always about this time of year I start to think longingly for a bit of sun and looking forwards to summer!! As I was wondering around the woods with the furriest members of the collective I got to thinking about BBQs!!!

The Boss is a master barbeque-er, which is good as it’s a popular request in the summer months from our clients. Its not an uncommon sight to find Greig doing a private catering gig on the side of a sun baked, moor covered hillside. Outdoor catering is one of our favourite things, making culinary magic happen in the middle of nowhere is always a fun challenge we are up for!

You won’t find a nasty burger, all burnt on the outside and raw in the inside, anywhere near a Highland Kitchen BBQ!! But we don’t want to hog all the glory, here are a few ideas to get something different sizzling on your charcoals this summer. Quick ideas include using a Dutch Oven or Tagine pot, filled with your fav stew fixing, sat on top of the BBQ!

Wrap It Up!

A good idea if you haven’t got a heavy pot or a Dutch Oven is to wrap everything liberally in tin foil. We love beef steaks on a bed of root veg, drizzled with your fav oil and garnished with your chosen herbs, wrap the whole lot in an envelope of tin foil (do it a few times to insure the parcel wont split) and pop it on the flames. Make sure you keep the parcel joins at the top so you can open up the envelope to check on your creation! Try 45mins – 1hr cooking time, but this is a super rough suggestion as it would depend heavily on your meat and veg choice!

Private Chef Scotland

Plank Salmon

I think this is a Scandinavian idea and it doesn’t just work on salmon, most fish and even beef taste good with this method. Takes a wee bit of prep but its totally worth the effort. Take some planks of wood, insuring they are nontoxic woods and haven’t been treated, we’ve used Ash, Oak and Beech before and cut them to about 2 inches thick and long enough to sit your whole chosen bit of fish or meat on. Then soak the wood in a mix of apple vinegar, water, charlottes, any of your fav herbs and white wine. Leave the plank to soak at least over night or until you are ready to use. When the BBQ is good and hot remove the planks from the soak and pop on the fish, skin side down. Wrap the whole bundle in tinfoil and put on the BBQ. Cooking time depends on how thick your cut is but usually start checking about 40mins.

You should be able to reuse the planks, re soaking them before each shift. May be getting two or three uses from each plank.

Or if this all seems like a bit of a faff, get The Highland Kitchen in to do your next outdoor catering event!

I’ve had a few emails about the Harissa Scrambled Tofu dish I put on social media. Its crazy easy to make and it’s my absolute fav thing to eat at the moment. Its quick and cosy and super tasty! Heat up a pan with some oil in it, crush up some extra firm, drained tofu. I put the tofu block in the pan and smoosh it with a potato masher. Then I cover it with Harissa seasoning. I love loads of seasoning for a really strong flavour but its all personal preference. Cook off the tofu, I like to let the bottom catch slightly. Then I take two BFree sweet potato wraps and put them over the top of the cooking tofu. It steams the wraps and gives them a soft texture, like a crape! The whole thing should take about 5 mins, pop it all on a plate and serve with some baby tomatoes or gherkins, I like to add some refined sugar free tomato ketchup. It’s a lovely lunch or even a Sunday morning brunch, instead of scrambled eggs!

Go forth and enjoy!!

But for now, I’m sat here at HQ, watching the snow fall… its very pretty and we are all looking forwards to getting some skiing in when the storm lifts, I’m sure Wendy will have some pics of that to share with everyone… we will just have to keep on looking forwards to summer!!


At The Highland Kitchen, we provide a range of private catering services in Scotland, England and across Europe. Whether you are planning an intimate dinner party, a larger event or require a private chef to cater for your holiday, The Highland Kitchen will design, shop for and create food that will enhance your experience and thrill your guests. Find out more about our catering services or contact us today for more information.



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