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Welcome to The Highland Kitchen Collective

Private Catering in Scotland | Private Chef

Welcome to the new THK Collective Journal, a behind the scenes look at all things Highland Kitchen.

Get to know Greig - the private chef - as he and his team, the THK Collective, create food extravaganzas across Scotland and beyond. We will aim to share helpful kitchen tips, menu ideas you can try at home and showcase some of the finest produce available in Scotland.

'We want to show you what we love about cooking and hospitality, but we also want to introduce you to our Scotland'

We will go beyond the food, we want to show you our favourite places, people and things to do from the west coast, to the east, the highlands and islands, to the lowlands and cities… our Collective members are everywhere, soaking it in and reporting back to HQ so their discoveries can be shared with you!

We will be paying special attention to local, ethical, kind and fresh foods. Getting to know some of Scotland’s best producers of quality goods. We will also take time to check out alternative food, Vegan cuisine and fine dishes that cater for food intolerances and allergies.

We hope you will find it all as exciting as we do!!


At The Highland Kitchen, we provide a range of private catering services in Scotland, England and across Europe. Whether you are planning an intimate dinner party, a larger event or require a private chef to cater for your holiday, The Highland Kitchen will design, shop for and create food that will enhance your experience and thrill your guests. Find out more about our catering services or contact us today for more information.



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